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AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord

AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord
AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord
AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord
AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord

AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord

Middle Earth CCG von Iron Crown. Kartenset aus dem Middle Earth Sammelkartenspiel.

Against the Shadow Komplettset Uncommon Set - alle 55 verschiedene Karten. Against the Shadow - Complete Uncommon Set - all 55 different cards. Die Karten sind englisch und in gutem Zustand aus eigenem Sammlerbestand. And they are in a. Kartenanzahl / Cards: Alle 55 verschiedene Karten (komplettes UC Set) All 55 diff erent UC Cards.

Sprache / Language: Englisch English. Bild / see picture -- Near Mint. 5,50 Euro Standartversand Brief-Einwurf Einschreiben mit Sendungsnummer (Deutschlandweit).

Banküberweisung (Überweisung-Plus) für deutsche Kunden. Here die Liste aller 55 Uncommon, die Sie erhalten. Below is the list of all 55 cards you will get.

Dwarven Ring of Thélor's Tribe. Dwarven Ring of Thrár's Tribe. Isles of the Dead That Live. Woses of the Eryn Vorn.

Driven as by a Madness. Far Below the Deepest Delvings. Ich habe auch noch viele weitere Karten aus anderen Middle Earth Editionen. Falls Sie noch Karten suchen können Sie mir gerne schreiben. +++ Sehen Sie sich auch meine anderen Auktionen an +++.

Bitte nutzen Sie nach Auktionsende die Funktion "Überweisung Plus", dort können die nötigen Kontodaten abgefragt werden. Geben Sie bitte bei allen Überweisungen Ihren Mitgliedsnamen an. Beim Ersteigern mehrerer Auktion erfolgt ein Versandkostenrabatt und Sie sparen Porto. Teilen Sie mir bitte alle wichtigen Änderungen, wie eine andere Lieferadresse oder Sie wollen eine andere Versandart, unmittelbar nach Auktionsende mit, um Unstimmigkeiten zu vermeiden. Some basic Information about the Middle Earth Game.

Das Middle-earth Collectible Card Game (MECCG) ist ein Sammelkartenspiel, das in J. Oft wird das Spiel mit dem ersten Basisspiel Middle-earth: The Wizards gleichgesetzt, das 1995 bei Iron Crown Enterprises und in Deutschland bei deren Lizenznehmer Queen Games erschien.

Bis 1998 folgten mehrere Erweiterungen und weitere Basisspiele. Das erste Basisspiel The Wizards (METW) gewann 1995 als Best Card Game. Karten konnten in sogenannten "Starters", Packungen von 76 Karten, oder in "Booster-Packs" von 15 Karten gekauft werden. ICE empfohl Spielern, zu Beginn zwei "Starters" zum Deckbau zu benutzen.

Die erste Erweiterung The Dragons (METD) erschien 1996 und gewann einen weiteren Origins Award in der Kategorie Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game or Expansion. Im selben Jahr erschien noch Dark Minions (MEDM). Diese beiden Erweiterungen fügten zusätzliche Kreaturen, Regionen und andere Zusatzkarten hinzu. Beide Erweiterungen wurden in "Booster-Packs" zu j 15 Karten verkauft. 1997 erschien mit The Lidless Eye (MELE) ein zusätzliches Basisspiel, mit dem auch die böse Seite gespielt werden konnte. Hierzu erschien eine Erweiterung namens Against the Shadow (MEAS), ebenfalls 1997. Zwei weitere Basisspiele, The White Hand (MEWH, 1997) und The Balrog (MEBA, 1998) folgten, die mit abtrünnigen Zauberern wie Saruman und dem Balrog zwei weitere Fraktionen hinzufügten. Some facts about the Middle Earth card game: The Original Game is the set called "Middle Earth: The Wizards" with more than 350play cards, among which one of the rarest was , indeed, "The One Ringe" card. In this game you were to play one of the five Istari and gather fellowships (a big one or several smaller ones) and travel through Middle-Earth to gather points (earned with famous items retrieved from hoards, or by having factions join your cause) or to try to use a strategy to destry the One Ring which was by far the hardest way to win the game because it supposed you had quite a bunch of the rarest cards of the game to play the good combination of cards. Your opponent was another Istar trying to do exactly the same thing as you. But during your opponent's turn you were playing "hazards" or bad events... On him to try to stop him, kill him or ruin his missions or attempts at gathering treasures/factions... In some way, during your opponent's turn you were playing Sauron's forces or simply the "Bad Fate" sometimes with Natural, unaligned evil forces... There were two addons for this first set : Middle-Earth: The Dragons based mainly on many named dragons and drakes, mostly invented by ICE but there was also Scatha for example...

You could find dragon hoards items or you could have access to "dragon" hazards... Middle-Earth: Dark Minions this set introduced a new notion : the one of having characters under cover for the bad side, minions, Sauron infiltrated agents...

It was a first attempt at playing both Good... And Evil characters during your opponent's turn to add some very tricky strategies inside the game Then came the new stand-alone set: "Middle-Earth: The Lidless Eye" which did not necessarily had to use any of the first ME:TW, ME:TD or ME:DM cards (but you could use them if you wanted). In this set you did not play one of the istari and you did not play the good guys... You were playing one of the Nine Nazgul... And your goal was to serve the Dark lord...

To gather enough points to rule supreme over your fellow Nazgul.... With those two sets in existence you could now have access to new game rules sets if you want : You could play a ME:TW deck against a ME:LE set.... Playing an Istari againt a Nazgul!

Another addon was released after ME:LE, it was Middle-Earth : Against the Shadow and it was , if I remember well, fit for both ME:TW or ME:LE sets with items, ressources or hazards for both types of decks. One last addon "Middle-Earth : The White Hand" introduced a new type of cards (and thus, of rules) allowing you to play a FALLEN istar... So you were playing a corrupted Istari, like Saruman with special instances of those istari (even Gandalf) but evil...

And you had access to special types of cards as ressources for them, along with the ability to use both good ressource cards or evil ressources cards... Quite Original The Final One : Middle-Earth: The Balrog.... It consisted of Two fixed decks instead of blisters.... The content of each of the two sets (one green-blue, one red) did not change from one package to the others.

It included a bunch of former released cards from former sets or addon, with gray borders... And a lot of cards specific to the Balrog release... Including the Balrog Character card actually the rule of this set was that you neither played an Istar, or a Nazgul... You were playing "Durin's Bane" Balrog and you were looking for power over Middle-Earth without serving the good cause or Sauron's cause. Those two sets are very rare and it was the last release of ICE...

So they are well sought after.... Mainly one of the cards of these set which, though fixed in the set is very rare and reaches sometime the price of 45.

The card "Sauron" which allows you to over-rule the other cards and let you play Sauron Himself... After this release, ICE released one last thing : 10 challenge decks (5 for istari, 5 for Nazgul) these were competition decks with fixed contents.

They were the winning sets of former competitors during worldwide tournament which were proven to be quite "winning" so they were released the way their original creator had arranged them... Along the year, ICE released in several magazines, events, tournaments, promotional campaigns...

Several promotional cards unfindable anywhere else than in the given support... Most of these are English, but quite a bunch of them are also German ONLY... They do not exist in english and are very rare... Some have also been released in japanese, french, finnish, Italian ornish but the differences mainly consisted on alternate image on the card, but the effects were the same...

Among those promotional Cards, you can find "The Black Arrow" (of Bard Bowman), the "Iron Crown" (of Melkor) and the "Fury of the Iron Crown", "the Arkenstone (evil version for ME:LE") , the "Neeker Breekers", Fatty Bolger... Or in german you can also find one of my favorites : Ringil (the word of Fingolfin that hurt Melkor's foot) , Horn der Herausforderung (horn of defiance), Schwertmeister (swordmaster) and... Taschendieb Pick-Pockets, Promotional version german only which was ONLY given as the reward for the FIRST place in the worldwide tournament back in 2000 or so... Among the artists who illustrated the cards you have the most famous Tolkien artists ever : John Howe, Ted Nasmith, Alan Lee, Angus McBride....

This is by far the most beautifully illustrated card game I have ever seen (Magic or other lesser games do not match this quality). The item "AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord" is in sale since Thursday, August 31, 2017. This item is in the category "Sammeln & Seltenes\Sammelkartenspiele/TCGs\TCG Komplett-Sets". The seller is "durandart" and is located in Fränkische Schweiz. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Sammelkartenspiel: Middle-earth CCG
  • Auswahl von Sets: Against the Shadow
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Kartenzustand: Nahezu neuwertig

AGAINST THE SHADOW Uncommon Set All 55 UC cards lotr MEAtS Middle Earth Lord